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  • Day 1Tuesday, October 29th
  • Day 2Wednesday, October 30th
9:00 am

Welcome from the Center Director

Prof. Michael Berumen
RSRC Acting Director

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 09:00 - 09:05 Details

9:05 am

Opening Speech

Prof. Donal D. C. Bradley
Vice President for Research
Distinguished Professor, Materials Physics & Device Engineering

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 09:05 - 09:15 Details

Morning session
9:15 am

Keynote Lecture: Exploring the potential of algae as a sustainable biotechnological production platform

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 09:15 - 10:00 Details

Prof. Kyle Lauersen, KAUST
10:00 am

Session 1: Marine Microbial Ecology and Biotechnology

10:00 Diel variations of picoplankton growth and division rates in the central Red Sea
Najwa Otaibi, PI: Prof. Xelu Moran

10:15 Food, grazing or temperature? What matters most for heterotrophic bacteria.
Luis Silva, PI: Prof. Xelu Moran

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Low host abundance and high temperature determine switching from lytic to lysogeny in planktonic microbial communities in a tropical sea (Red Sea)
Ruba Ashy, PI: Prof. Susana Agusti

11:00 Variability of bacterioplankton top-down controls in inshore and offshore waters of the central Red Sea
Eman Sabbagh, PI: Prof. Xelu Moran

11:15 Thermal preferences for Synechococcus growth
Dr. Alexandra Camba, PI: Prof. Susana Agusti

Session chair: Sebastian Overmans

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 10:00 - 11:30 Details

11:30 am

Lunch Break

Campus diner 11:30 - 13:00 Details

Afternoon session
1:00 pm

Keynote Lecture: Detecting and dissecting biodiversity change

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 13:00 - 13:45 Details

Dr. Maria Dornelas, University of St. Andrews
1:45 pm

Session 2: Coral Reef Ecology

13:45 Forecasting coral functional responses to future warming and ocean acidification
Dr. Shannon Klein, PI: Prof. Carlos Duarte

14:00 Ocean warming rather than acidification shapes the transcriptomic and proteomic response of a coral reef fish
Alison Monroe, PI: Prof. Christian Voolstra

14:15 Fine-scale delineation of host-specific Symbiodiniaceae genotypes shows little correspondence to patterns in previous bleaching severities on a Central Red Sea reef system
Benjamin Hume, PI: Prof. Christian Voolstra

14:30 Photonic cooperation between Tridacninae and their photosynthetic symbionts – how giant clams cope with high UV radiation in shallow reefs
Susann Rossbach, PI: Prof. Carlos Duarte

14:45 At What Size Does a Pocillopora Coral Fulfills Its Ecological Role in a Reef? A Guide for Reef Restoration
Irene Salinas Akhmadeeva, PI: Prof. Michael Berumen

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Transcription factor binding motifs coupled with DNA methylation profiles in Aiptasia
Dr. Kashif Nawaz, PI: Prof. Manuel Aranda

15:30 Latitudinal variation in thermotolerance of Porites lobata in the Red Sea
Marcelle Muniz Barreto, PI: Prof. Manuel Aranda

15:45 Exploring strategies to increase thermal resilience of corals in Saudi Arabian waters
Dr. Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, PI: Prof. Manuel Aranda

16:00 Feeding ecology does not match morphological functionality in American parrotfishes
Lucia Pombo Ayora, PI: Prof. Michael Berumen

Session chair: Walter Rich

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 13:45 - 16:15 Details

5:00 pm

Poster Session

Poster Code: P01
Using drones and machine learning to quantify beach litter at a national scale
Cecilia Martin, Qiannan Zhang, Matthew F. McCabe, Xiangliang Zhang, Carlos M. Duarte

Poster Code: P02
Comparative assessment of unmanned aerial vehicle and baited underwater video surveys for the monitoring of sharks and rays in shallow water habitats
Ashlie McIvor, Julia Spaet, and Michael L. Berumen

Poster Code: P03
Major and trace element concentrations of zooplankton from the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
Chunzhi Cai and Susana Agustí

Poster Code: P04
Nesting site preference of marine turtles in the central Red Sea
Kirsty Scott, Lyndsey K. Tanabe, and Michael L. Berumen

Poster Code: P05
Nitrogen-Carbon equilibrium as the basis of the symbiosis between Cnidaria and zooxanthellae
Alessandro Moret, Jessica Menzies, Yat Long Angus Li, Guoxin Cui, and Manuel Aranda

Poster Code: P06
Automated oil spill source tracking model, combining HFR and AIS data
Lohitzune Solabarrieta and Burton Jones

Poster Code: P07
Abundance and Distribution of Phyllosoma in Southern Cuban Waters
Kiana Ford, Estrella Malca, John Lamkin, and Trika Gerard

Poster Code: P08
Constructing a comprehensive transposon library of the plant growth promoting bacterium Enterobacter sp. SA187
Abdulrahman A Hashim, Abdul Aziz Eida, Wiam F. Alsharif, Rashad R. Al-Hindi, Heribert Hirt, Maged M. Saad

Poster Code: P09
Quantifying the accumulation of 13C-labelled phenanthrene in phytoplankton and transfer to corals using Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy
Ananya Ashok, Sreejith Kottuparambil, Lone Hoj, Andrew Negri, Carlos M. Duarte, and Susana Agustí

Poster Code: P10
Arabian Albulids: A Biological Assessment of Bonefish (Ablula spp.) in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea
Collin Williams and Michael L. Berumen

Poster Code: P11
Cultivation of novel bacterial genera from the Red Sea mangrove sediments using diffusion chamber
Fatimah Sefrji, Giuseppe Merlino, Gregorie Michoud, Ramona Marasco, and Daniele Daffonchio

Poster Code: P12
Spatio-temporal pattern of UV attenuation in the Red Sea
Sebastian Overmans and Susana Agustí

Poster Code: P13
Variability of Water Exchanges Through the Strait of Hormuz
Panagiotis Vasou, Vassilios Vervatis, George Krokos, Ibrahim Hoteit, and Sarantis Sofianos

Poster Code: P14
Red Sea Cnidaria and Microplastic
Michelle-Nicole Havlik, Cecilia Martin, Shannon Klein, and Carlos M. Duarte

Poster Code: P15
Phytoplankton fungi parasites in the sea
Ashwag Asseri and Susana Agustí

Poster Code: P16
Contribution of the Microbial Loop into the Carbon Flow of the Higher Trophic Level in the Red Sea
Afrah Alothman, Daffne Lopez-Sandoval, and Susana Agustí

Poster Code: P17
Cryptofaunal Diversity in Fringing Reef Rhodoliths
Viktor Nunes Peinemann, Mira Abrecht, Braden Charles DeMattei, Madeline Kestler, Ara Yazaryan, and David Jacobs

Poster Code: P18
Using satellite data to detect internal tides in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea
Jingyi Ma, Daquan Guo, Peng Zhan, and Ibrahim Hoteit

Poster Code: P19
Exploring marine ultramicrobacteria in the Red Sea
Cristina Andrés-Barrao, Inês Raimundo Goncalves, and Xosé Anxelu G. Morán

Poster Code: P20
Seasonal Evolution of Mixed Layers in the Red Sea
George Krokos, Ivana Cerovecki, Peng Zhan, Myrl Hendershott, and Ibrahim Hoteit

Poster Code: P21
Inhibition of uric acid synthesis alters the state of the Cnidarian-Alga Symbiosis
Jessica Menzies, Alessandro Moret, Migle Konciute, Guoxin Cui, Mathieu Pernice, and Manuel Aranda

Poster Code: P22
Flipping the perspective! Using the upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea sp. to study cnidarian-Symbiodiniaceae symbiosis
Shiou-Han Hung, Jordi Sola, Shannon G. Klein, Carlos M. Duarte, and Manuel Aranda

Poster Code: P23
Responses of Prochlorococcus RSP50 to experimental temperatures
Abbrar H. Labban, Ahmed A. Shibl, Peiying Hong, and Xosé Anxelu G. Morán

Poster Code: P24
Ureotely modelation in Lusitanian Toadfish Halobatrachus didactylus in different environmental conditions
Micaela Justo, Alexandra Alves, and Pedro Guerreiro

Campus Library 17:00 - 19:00 Details

Morning session
8:30 am

Keynote Lecture: NEOM: Introducing a new era of sustainable development

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 08:30 - 09:15 Details

Prof. Ameer A. Eweida, NEOM
9:15 am

Session 3: Remote Sensing and Numerical Modelling

9:15 Monitoring and evaluating the status of NEOM’s marine ecosystem from space
Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos, PI: Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit

9:30 A model-based connectivity study in the Red Sea: how seascape features influence population genetics
Yixin Wan, PI: Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit

9:45 Marine heatwaves reveal coral reef zones susceptible to bleaching
Lily Genevier, PI: Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit

10:00 Coffee break

10:15 A Bayesian Statistical Approach for Understanding and Predicting Red Sea Temperatures
Dr. Nabila Bounceur, PI: Prof. Omar Knio

10:30 Climate Oscillations May Counteract Red Sea Warming over the Coming Decades
Georgios Krokos, PI: Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit

10:45 Resolving the Short-term Persistence of Oceanographic Measurements from an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in the Central Red Sea, October 2017
Michael Campbell, PI: Prof. Burton Jones

11:00 Remotely sensing harmful algal blooms in the Red Sea
Rajadurai Elamurugu, PI: Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit

11:15 Ibex for Red Sea Research
Dr. Nagarajan Kathiresan, PI: Dr. Saber Feki

11:30 Hindering effects of tides on the Gulf of Aden Intermediate Water intrusion
Dr. Daquan Guo, PI: Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit

Session chair: Dr. Fran L. Aparicio

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 09:15 - 11:45 Details

11:45 am

Lunch Break

Campus diner 11:45 - 13:00 Details

Afternoon session
1:00 pm

Keynote Lecture: Prospects and Challenges for the Aquaculture Industry in Saudi Arabia

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 13:00 - 13:45 Details

Mr. Philippos Papageorgiou, National Fisheries Development Program
1:45 pm

Session 4: Aquaculture, Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

13:45 Effects of temperature on the growth and feed efficiency of sobaity seabream and gilthead seabream cultured under Red Sea conditions
Dr. Joseph Laranja, PI: Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Suwailem

14:00 Underwater Red Sea UVB levels have negative effects on growth, behavior, physiology, immune function and antioxidant capacity in gilthead seabream
Dr. Ricardo Alves, PI: Prof. Susana Agusti

14:15 Monitoring the impact of offshore aquaculture on ambient water quality in the Red Sea
Aislinn Dunne, PI: Prof. Burton Jones

14:30 Ecological effects of non-native species in marine ecosystems relate to co-occurring anthropogenic pressures
Dr. Nathan Geraldi, PI: Prof. Carlos Duarte

14:45 A comparison of hatchling locomotor performance and scute pattern variation between in-situ and relocated nests
Lyndsey Tanabe, PI: Prof. Michael Berumen

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Ecophysiological interactions in intertidal macroalgal assemblages
Walter Rich, PI: Prof. Michael Berumen

15:30 Environmental DNA fingerprints marine macrophytes in Blue Carbon ecosystems
Alejandra Ortega, PI: Prof. Carlos Duarte

15:45 Global ecological impacts of marine exotic species
Dr. Andrea Anton Gamazo, PI: Prof. Carlos Duarte

Session chair: Shiou-Han Hung

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 13:45 - 16:00 Details

4:00 pm

Voting Break

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 16:00 - 16:15 Details

4:15 pm

Keynote Lecture: Climate change is worse than you think but still fixable

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 16:15 - 17:00 Details

Prof. Camilo Mora, University of Hawaii-Manoa
5:00 pm

Closing Remarks, Awards and Group Photo

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 17:00 - 17:15 Details

6:00 pm

Social Dinner

KAUST 18:00 - 20:00 Details