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​Conference location

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  • How do I upload my talk?

    All talks must be sent to the conference email by 3 pm on October 24th so they can be shared and uploaded to the computer by the AV staff. Once presentations are uploaded, no further versions can be added.

    What are the details for the oral presentations?

    Total presentation time is 15 minutes. This should include a 10 minute talk with 5 minutes for questions at the end. The slide size for presentations should be widescreen.

    What is the formatting for the presentations?

    • All presentations must be supplied in Keynote or PowerPoint format only.
    • Presentations and slides must be in landscape format. All slides should be 16:9 or 16:10 ratio.
    • It has been advised to avoid using slides with white backgrounds.


  • When and how long will posters be displayed?

    Posters will be displayed in the University Library from October 29th until the end of the poster session on the 30th when they will be taken down.