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Mr. Philippos Papageorgiou
Mr. Philippos Papageorgiou Director of Aquaculture
National Fisheries Development Program (NFDP), Saudi Arabia


Mr. Philippos Papageorgiou is the Director of Aquaculture at the National Fisheries Development Program (NFDP) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He completed his MSc in Aquaculture and Fisheries at the University of Wales and an MBA in General Management and Marketing at the University of Leicester. Since 2016 he has been working in the Kingdom; first, as a technical consultant to the Saudi Aquaculture Society and the Aquaculture Department of the Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture, and now as Director of Aquaculture at the NFDP.

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  • Day 2Wednesday, October 30th
Afternoon session
1:00 pm

Keynote Lecture: Prospects and Challenges for the Aquaculture Industry in Saudi Arabia

Auditorium, Level 0, between buildings 4 & 5 13:00 - 13:45 Details