RSRC Open Science Conference 2018

Nov 28 2018 08:00 AM - Nov 29 2018 06:00 PM



The Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) Open Science Conference 2018 is a student and postdoc-led departmental seminar.

As the Open Science Conference in 2017, we aim to provide a friendly platform for all RSRC students, postdocs, research technicians and research scientists to showcase their work (at varying stages of completion and/or success). Published something interesting? Let us know! Gotten stuck with an intractable problem? Perhaps a member of the audience would be able to suggest new ideas!

These talks are punctuated by other exciting events: there will be a poster session and four keynote talks at the start of every session. The keynote speakers are luminaries in marine sciences:

1.      Prof. Mark R. Patterson, Northeastern University, USA

2.      Prof. Paul Barber UCLA, USA

3.      Dr. Alison Green The Nature Conservancy, AUS

4.      Ian Williamson, Managing Director, Middle East Program Management at Arcadis


The registration form can be found here. Registration will be open until midnight on Friday, September 7th.

Organising committee

Alan Barozzi, Ann Marie, Anny Cardenas, Celina Burkholz, John Gittings, Lina Eyouni, Luis Ribeiro Da Silva, Marco Fusi, Matthew Tietbohl, Nojood Aalismail, Susann Rossbach, Gabriela Perna, Seda Gasparyan, Christine Nelson

Faculty advisor

Michael Berumen and Carlos Duarte