Master's Thesis Defense - Lucia Pombo Ayora

Nov 12 2018 03:00 PM - Nov 12 2018 04:00 PM


 TITLE: Functional diversity of herbivorous fish in coral reefs in the central Red Sea

 ADVISOR:  Prof. Michael Berumen

 DATE:  Monday, November 12

 TIME:  3 pm

 LOCATION: Building 2 (seaside) · Level 5 · Room 5220

ABSTRACT: In this research, I explore the changes in the functional diversity of herbivorous fishes in zones of coral reefs with different benthic composition: a zone dominated by corals, a zone dominated by algae and a transition zone in between the previous two. I choose to use functional traits which explain the feeding mechanics of this group of fish, as well their feeding rates and their previously established functional groups to understand how different assemblages of this fishes could affect their environment in different ways. I found clear differences in the functional diversity by calculating five indexes, functional dispersion (FDis), functional richness (FRic), functional divergence (FDiv), functional evenness (FEve) and functional specialization (FSpe). Each zone showed different species composition with different abundances; both parameters contribute to obtaining different values of the indexes. This research can be a baseline to start working in functional diversity in the Red Sea coral reefs, can help to understand what to expect in the evaluation of reefs in different health state and to identify which herbivorous fish species or groups are more vulnerable and more important according to their function for coral reefs.