RSRC Open Science Conference 2019

Oct 29 2019 08:00 AM - Oct 30 2019 05:00 PM

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The Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) Open Science Conference 2019 is a student and postdoctoral fellow-led symposium exhibiting RSRC research and featuring international keynote speakers.

As during previous Open Science Conferences in 2017 and 2018, we aim to provide a friendly platform for all RSRC students, postdocs, research technicians and research scientists to showcase their work (at varying stages of completion and/or success). Published something interesting? Let us know! Stuck with an intractable problem? Perhaps a member of the audience can suggest new ideas!

The talks will be punctuated by other exciting events: there will be a poster session and five keynote talks at the start of every session.

The keynote speakers are luminaries in marine science and include:

  1. Prof. Camilo Mora, University of Hawaii, U.S.
  2. Dr. Maria Dornelas, University of St. Andrews, U.K.
  3. Prof. Laura Gomez-Consarnau, University of Southern California, U.S.
  4. Dr. Antonio Marques, Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere, Portugal
  5. Prof. Paul Marshall, NEOM, Saudi Arabia


Registration for participants will be open from Tuesday, September 3 until midnight on Wednesday, September 18.

The registration form can be found here.