KAUST Workshop on the Global Ocean Genome

Oct 29 2017 08:30 AM - Nov 01 2017 05:30 PM


DATE: 29 October - 1 November 2017

LOCATION: 0 level Auditorium between Blds. 2 and 3

The workshop aims at providing a forum to discuss the progress in the assessment of the Global Ocean Genome, including the following goals:  

  1. Updating the current inventory of genes in the microbial communities of the Global Ocean and assess the progress made toward providing an adequate representation of microbial communities and environments in the Global Ocean; 
  2. Exploring the functional capacities of the global ocean microbiome as represented by the Global Ocean Genome; 
  3. Examining the global distribution and sequence variability of key functional genes;
  4. Developing new analytical approaches to mine the Global Ocean Genome for genes of industrial interest.
Find the program of the workshop here: Global Ocean Genome Agenda.pdf