Research Interests

​​I have been interested in marine science from the beginning of my studies back in Germany, but I was just able to get my first project related to the ocean during my master thesis in Brazil: investigating the genetic population of a heavily exploited sciaenid. After that I wanted to get further involved in marine science and started my PhD here at KAUST.

My main interest now is focused on the dynamics of different environmental aspects such as Temperature or Salinity and how they influence species (Corals) on various levels (genetics, epigenetics and microbiome). Furthermore I am interested in the utilization of these research areas to identify functional differences and assess the potential adaptive power of a species in a changing environment.​

Education Profile

  • ​​B.Sc., (Biology) Philipps – Universität Marburg, Germany: AG Hassel - Evolution and Morphology of Invertebrates
  • M.Sc., International studies in aquatic tropical ecology, University of Bremen, Germany

Professional Profile


KAUST Affiliations

  • ​Red Sea Research Center(RSRC)