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Student Focus: Afrah Alothman

Mar 31, 2020

"The impossible can come true with willpower and determination." This sentence sums up KAUST marine science Ph.D. student Afrah Alothman's educational journey from Saudi Arabia to Canada and the U.S. and then finally to the University.

Alothman began her university studies in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, where she obtained her bachelor's degree with distinction in biology from King Faisal University. However, her ambition did not stop there⁠—she decided to pursue a master's degree in biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and was supported through the late King Abdullah's Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for External Scholarship.

Helping corals survive in the Red Sea

Mar 26, 2020

Recent increases in global water temperatures are causing a progressively detrimental effect on marine life and ecosystems in our oceans. Human activities generating excess greenhouse gas emissions have resulted in an increase in the average sea surface temperature of approximately 0.13 C per decade over the past 100 years, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Simple framework helps future ocean studies

Mar 22, 2020

A range of information is collated through a simple framework that will help marine scientists to design more accurate experiments that will better help them understand the projected impact of global warming on marine life.


Postdoctoral Fellow Focus: Daffne López-Sandoval

Mar 05, 2020

Single-minded determination married with innate curiosity led KAUST postdoctoral fellow Daffne López-Sandoval to where she is today.

López-Sandoval's journey to becoming a marine scientist in the University's Red Sea Research Center began at a young age after she watched a documentary by Jacques Cousteau, the famed French filmmaker, oceanographer, researcher and undersea explorer. Cousteau's documentary focused on nuclear tests performed by the French government at the Mururoa atoll, and it instilled in López-Sandoval a passion for marine life and research.


Mar 04, 2020

KAUST's Marine Science program will be hosting a three-week summer course from July 12th to 30th, 2020. The course will highlight a range of topics relevant to the Red Sea Research Center's work, including genomics, microbiology, ecology, environmental science, biological oceanography, and geoscience.

KAUST global research team first to observe inherited DNA expressions

Feb 13, 2020

On February 10, KAUST announced new research demonstrating that corals pass patterns of DNA to their offspring. The groundbreaking research marks the first time that this process has been observed in animals within the field of biology.

KAUST Professor Carlos M. Duarte receives award for research in ecology and conservation

Feb 10, 2020

On February 4, the University announced that Carlos M. Duarte, KAUST professor of marine science and the Tarek Ahmed Juffali research chair in Red Sea ecology, received a Frontiers of Knowledge Award for Ecology and Conservation Biology from BBVA Foundation in Spain.

Originally from Spain, Duarte has participated in research expeditions worldwide to further the understanding of the diverse marine ecologies that shape environments around the globe.

Dozens of new corals discovered on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Feb 04, 2020

Scientists have discovered dozens of new coral species on a recent voyage along the length of the Great Barrier Reef that will provide valuable insights to aid conservation and management of Australia's unique World Heritage site.

The team of researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), James Cook University (JCU) and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) completed the 21-day expedition ranging from the Capricorn Bunkers off Gladstone to Thursday Island in the Torres Strait last month.

Educational Outreach Activity for TKS Students

Jan 27, 2020

Students in TKS' K-1 classes visited Nemo this fall. Members of Prof. Michael Berumen's Reef Ecology Lab in the Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) prepared an educational outreach activity to teach K-1 students how baby Red Sea anemone fish choose a sea anemone.