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Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea – Past, present and future: Don't miss Prof. Jacob Carstensen's talk on September 25th

Sep 12, 2017

TITLE: Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea – Past, present and future
DATE: September 25, 2017
TIME: 3 - 4 p.m.
LOCATION: Building 4 · Level 5 · Room 5209

Lots of media attention for Reef Genomics' paper on the role of floridoside in corals

Aug 29, 2017

​Reef Genomics lab's recent Science Advances paper on the role of floridoside has been featured in media.

Meet PhD student Fabia Simona at the Gordon Research Conference, Hong Kong

Aug 13, 2017

Watch the video to find out what Fabia Simona will be presenting at the Gordon Research Conference on Posttranslational Modification Networks​ in Hong Kong!​​​​​​

Prof. Aranda's talk at TEDxKAUST

Aug 07, 2017

Professor Aranda gives an overview of the challenges coral reefs are facing due to rapidly
changing climate. He explains the importance of coral reefs and the current loss
of ecosystems.

Our lab is participating in World Intercalibration for DIC and TA

Aug 03, 2017

Our lab is participating in a world intercalibration for Dissolved inorganic carbon and Total alkalinity organized from the University of California, San Diego by Prof A. Dickson. We obtained a very satisfying deviation from the standards send and we should be within the average of the world best labs of our specialty.

RSRC cruise with R/V Al Azizi has started

Aug 01, 2017

R/V Al Aziz has departed on the 1st of August

Ecological Genomics course paper out now

Jul 31, 2017

The results of this year's Ecological Genomics course investigating the effects of iron enrichment on Red Sea corals have now been published.​

Cecilia Martin will defend her Ph.D. proposal on the 8th of August

Jul 27, 2017

You are all invited to our Ph.D. student Cecilia's Ph.D. proposal defense on the 8th of August from 10 am - 12 pm in room 5220, Bldg 2.

SAKMEO seeking a PhD student. Apply Now!

Jul 23, 2017

The Saudi Aramco-KAUST center for Marine Environmental Observations (SAKMEO) is seeking a Ph.D. student to investigate the effects of contaminants on coral reef species and associated fauna.

SAKMEO seeking a Post-doctoral Fellow in Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services

Jul 21, 2017

SAKMEO is hiring a postdoc in marine and coastal ecosystem services - apply now!​

Seeking Post-Doctoral Fellow: Multiple Stressors effects in the Red Sea marine habitats

Jul 20, 2017

The Saudi Aramco-KAUST center for Marine Environmental Observations (SAKMEO) is seeking a post-doctoral fellow. Applications encouraged from suitably qualified candidates.

Cinna Lomnitz Medal for Parsifal Islas Morales

Jul 12, 2017

​Congratulations to Parsifal Islas Morales recently awarded with the Cinna Lomnitz Medal for his work on science communication in Mexico!

Patterns of nitrogen fixation in two coral families

Jun 28, 2017

Patterns of nitrogen fixation align with trophic groups of two coral families. Read Reef Genomics group's new publication in Frontiers in Microbiology!

Wave to the Future

Jun 15, 2017

The Saudi Aramco-KAUST center for Marine Environmental Observations completed installation of a surface current mapping system along the central Red Sea. These high-frequency radar systems to map surface ocean currents, a first for Saudi Arabia, will enable near real-time information of currents, which carry nutrients, pollutants, stranded boats, or anything that floats.

Anti-cancer agents in Saudi Arabian herbals

Jun 13, 2017

Saudi Arabia has a rich knowledge of traditional medicine using a diversity of local plants. Here we used cell-based phenotypic profiling and image-based high-content screening to study the mode of action and potential cellular targets in these plants to identify potential anti-cancer compounds.