Mikrobielle Oekologie des Roten Meeres

U. Stingl, D.K. Ngugi, L. Thompson, A. Antunes, M. Cahill
BIOspektrum, volume 18, issue 6, pp. 582-584, (2012)

Mikrobielle Oekologie des Roten Meeres


Roten Meeres


​The Red Sea is an unusually harsh marine environment, characterized by high temperature and salinity. It also harbors some of the most extreme environments on earth, the Deep Sea Brine Pools. Here, we report on the microbial communities in these environments. The water column is dominated by SAR11 and Prochlorococcus, which have developed specific adaptations to withstand the conditions. The Brine Pools have only been poorly characterized so far, and only four pure cultures are described.


DOI: 10.1007/s12268-012-0231-7


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