First record of Nanozoanthidae from the Red Sea

J. Reimer, I. Kawamura, M. Berumen
Marine Biodiversity Records, volume 8, e19, (2015)

First record of Nanozoanthidae from the Red Sea


Zoantharia,  Zooxanthellae,  Nanozoanthus ,  Saudi Arabia,  Farasan Islands


​Here we report on the first finding of Nanozoanthidae (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) in the Red Sea and the first record west of Western Australia. A single specimen of Nanozoanthus sp. was found at a depth of 13 m off Dumsuq Island, the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia (16°33.846′N 42°03.510′E) during SCUBA surveys. Previous research had hypothesized that the genus could potentially be widespread in the Indo-Pacific and was simply undetected due to its small and cryptic nature, and the current specimen provides support for this idea. Such findings demonstrate the importance of biodiversity surveys by taxonomic specialists in understudied marine regions.


DOI:  10.1017/S175526721400148


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