Coral Reefs of the Red Sea

M.L. Berumen, C.R. Voolstra, D. Daffonchio, S. Agusti, M. Aranda, X. Irigoien, B.H. Jones, X. Morán, C.M. Duarte
Coral Reefs of the World 11, (2019)


Red Sea, Coral reefs, Ecosystems, Seagrass meadowsn, Biogeography, Physical environment, Environmental gradients


​This volume is a complete review and reference work for scientists, engineers, and students concerned with coral reefs in the Red Sea. It provides an up-to-date review on the geology, ecology, and physiology of coral reef ecosystems in the Red Sea, including data from most recent molecular studies. The Red Sea harbours a set of unique ecological characteristics, such as high temperature, high alkalinity, and high salinity, in a quasi-isolated environment. This makes it a perfect laboratory to study and understand adaptation in regard to the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems. This book can be used as a general reference, guide, or textbook.


DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-05802-9



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