Fran Aparicio, Ph.D.

Center Operations Team

Lab Manager

Research Interests

Fran's research field is marine biochemistry. His thesis at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) of Barcelona, focused on tracing the dynamics of dissolved organic compounds (humic-like materials, protein-derived substances…) in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. He has been instructed in the use of spectroscopic techniques such as i) fluorescence spectrometry for the analysis of dissolved organic compounds -FDOM and CDOM-; ii) colorimetry systems for the segmented flow analyses of inorganic nutrients; iii) high-temperature catalytic oxidation procedures for the analysis of total and dissolved organic carbon (TOC/DOC), and v) fluorimetric measurements for Chl a determination. 

Fran's main role is to coordinate a range of different activities in the lab. He manages the RSRC operations and he supports faculty to optimize lab functionality by addressing key opportunities. Fran also provides technical expertise in specific fields. He also performs administrative duties, supervises and assists other staff members, provides trainings on the use of lab equipment, oversees tests and experiments and ensures that all tests and projects are completed on time.

Selected Publications

  • Wind-induced changes in the dynamics of fluorescent organic matter in the coastal NW Mediterranean 
    Aparicio, F.L., Nieto-Cid, M., Calvo, E., Pelejero, C., López-Sanz, À., Pascual, J., Salat...
    Science of the Total Environment, (2017)
  • Horizontal and vertical distributions of Transparent Exopolymer Particles (TEP) in the NW Mediterranean Sea are lin... 
    Ortega-Retuerta, E., Sala, M.M., Borrull, E., Mestre M., Aparicio, F.L., Gallisai, R., Ant...
    Frontiers in Microbiology, (2017)
  • Anthropogenic versus mineral aerosols in the stimulation of microbial planktonic communities in a coastal area of t... 
    Marín, I., Nunes, S., Aparicio, F. L., Sánchez-Pérez, E.D., Querol, X., Moreno, T., Wagene...
    Science of the Total Environment, (2017)
  • When riverine dissolved organic matter (DOM) meets labile DOM in coastal waters: Changes in bacterial community act... 
    Blanchet, M., Pringault, O., Panagiotopoulos, C., Lefèvre, D., Charrière, B., Ghiglione, J...
    Aquatic Sciences, (2017)
  • Eutrophication and acidification: do they induce changes in the dissolved organic matter in coastal systems? 
    Aparicio, F. L., Nieto-Cid, M., Borrull, E., Calvo, E., Pelejero, C., Sala, M.M., Pinhassi...
    Science of the Total Environment, (2016)
  • Aerosol inputs affect the optical signatures of dissolved organic matter in NW Mediterranean coastal waters 
    Sánchez-Pérez, E.D., Marín, I., Nunes, S., Aparicio, F. L., Romera-Castillo, C., Peters, F...
    Scientia Marina , (2016)
  • Contrasting effects of ocean acidification on the microbial food web under different trophic conditions 
    Sala, M. M., Aparicio, F. L., Balagué, V., Boras, J. A., Borrull, E., Cardelús, C., Cros, ...
    ICES Journal of Marine Sciences, (2015)
  • Microbially-mediated fluorescent organic matter transformations in the deep ocean. Do the chemical precursors matte... 
    Aparicio, F. L., Nieto-Cid, M., Borrull, E., Romero, E., Stedmon, C.A., Sala, M.M., Gasol,...
    Frontiers in Marine Science, (2015)


  • Ph.D., Marine Sciences, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, 2016
  • M.Sc., Teacher training in obligatory secondary and upper secondary education, Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV), Valencia, Spain, 2010
  • B.Sc., Marine Sciences, Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV), Valencia, Spain, 2009 

Professional Profile

  • 2021-PRESENT: Lab Manager, Red Sea Research Center, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2018-2021:​ Biological Culture & Visualisation Technician, RSRC, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2017: Research assistant, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), Galway, Ireland
  • 2014: Research assistant, Technical University of Denmark (DTU-Aqua), Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2014: Research assistant, Marine Research Institute (IIM-CSIC), Vigo, Spain
  • 2011-2016: Research assistant, Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), Barcelona, Spain
  • 2008: Laboratory technician, L'Oceanogràfic (City of Arts and Sciences), Valencia, Spain
  • 2004-2010: Laboratory technician, Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV), Valencia, Spain 

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​Red Sea Research Center (RSRC)
  • Division of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering (BESE)

Research Interests Keywords

Phytoplankton Marine biology Biogeochemistry Global change Laboratory management Scientific visualisation