The Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) Open Science Conference 2018 is a student and postdoc-led departmental seminar.

As for the Open Science Conference of 2017, we aim to provide a friendly platform for all RSRC students, postdocs, research technicians and research scientists to showcase their work (at varying stages of completion and/or success). Published something interesting? Let us know! Are you stuck with an intractable problem? Perhaps a member of the audience would be able to suggest new ideas! The goal of this conference is engagement, discussion, and interaction, which is possible whatever the stage of your current work.

These talks are punctuated by other exciting events: there will be a poster session and four keynote talks. The keynote speakers are luminaries in marine sciences and are as follows:

1.      Prof. Mark R. Patterson, Northeastern University, USA

2.      Prof. Paul Barber, UCLA, USA

3.      Dr. Alison Green, The Nature Conservancy, AUS

4.      Ian Williamson, The Red Sea Development Company, KSA 

Vision: Our vision is to allow presenters to share their science in a sociable environment, where they can receive constructive and helpful feedback and guidance from their peers in a way that promotes friendly discussion, collaboration, and engagement between attendees.

Mission: Our mission is to create a schedule that allows people to be engaged with presentations and content. We will do this by building a schedule with breaks and opportunities to talk with presenters. We will host an open social event in the evening to help facilitate open discussion between attendees in a comfortable environment. The style of our conference will be open and supportive so that presenters (oral/posters) do not feel pressured to only share their best science, but also the trials and tribulations that all scientists face.

Organizing committee

Meeting Chairs: Dr. Marco FusiMatthew Tietbohl

Speaker Committee: Ann Marie Hulver (Chair), Nojood Aalismail

Scheduling Committee: Dr. Anny Cardenas (Chair), Celina Burkholz, Gabriela Perna, Lina Eyouni

Activities Committee: Alan Barozzi (Chair), Luis Ribeiro Da Silva, John Gittings

Design & Communications Committee: Susann Rossbach (Chair)

Significant Contributors: Christine Nelson, Seda Gasparyan, Manal Bamashmos, Prof. Michael Berumen