HaBB Seminar: Dr. Davide Maggioni

Dr. Davide Maggioni is currently visiting KAUST and working with the HaBB Lab on several projects on the Red Sea benthos diversity and evolution.

Title: Integrative approaches to disentangle invertebrate diversity


Davide Maggioni is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy) and the scientific staff of the MaRHE Center (Maldives). He obtained his Ph.D. in Milano working on symbiotic hydrozoans using integrative approaches. His research lines currently include integrative taxonomy, molecular phylogenetics, evolution, and ecology of invertebrates. In his talk entitled "Integrative approaches to disentangle invertebrate diversity", he will present some examples of successful integrative taxonomy applied to coral reef invertebrates spanning the tropical belt and including the Red Sea.

Event Quick Information

16 Sep, 2021
13:10 PM – 14:10 PM
Level 0 Auditorium, between buildings 2 and 3