The Microscopy Facility of the Red Sea Research Center was designed to provide students and researchers with state-of-the-art optical microscopy equipment. Two dedicated rooms accommodate up to 10 microscopes from world-leading brands such as Carl Zeiss and Leica. Marine microorganisms and anemones are the main targets of the users of this facility. Sample analyses can be performed using brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence, DIC and phase contrast microscopy. Imaging software is also available for users to stitch pictures and compose bigger images, set the timer for automatic snapshots, to perform automatic cell counts and to assemble 3D images of the organisms. The facility staff provide training, technical support, sample preparation and imaging assistance.

Inverted Microscope

Axio Observer Z1 is a complete system for correlative microscopy with epi-fluorescence in combination with transmitted-light bright field, phase contrast and DIC. It is a basic stand including motorized focus drive (min. step width 10 nm), TFT touchscreen, 1x tube lens to fit with fixed 1- position tube lens mount or 3-position optovar turret mot., keys for switching TL/RL illumination.

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Fluorescent Microscopy

The Leica DM6000 B is an upright fluorescent microscope that features automation with a motorized nose piece, condenser head and automatic light intensity adjustment. The Leica DM6000 B is equipped with, and controlled by, a PC that obtains high resolution fluorescent images. This microscope is capable of changing between two magnifications by automatically adjusting light intensity and stores values for each setting.

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