Brand: Carl Zeiss, Inc.

Model: Inverted Z1

Axio Observer Z1 is a complete system for correlative microscopy with epi-fluorescence in combination with transmitted-light bright field, phase contrast and DIC.


It is a basic stand including motorized focus drive (min. step width 10 nm), TFT touchscreen, 1x tube lens to fit with fixed 1- position tube lens mount or 3-position optovar turret mot., keys for switching TL/RL illumination and include:

  • Z-drive operation
  • 6-position objective nosepiece (5X,10X, 20X, 40X, 63X, 100X-Oil)
  • Optovar 1.6x
  • Binocular ergo tube 25°/23, 50 mm horizontal adjustment
  • Scanning stage 130x85 mot P;
  • Electronic coaxial drive
  • Universal mounting frame K
  • Transmitted light illumination with HAL100
  • Epi-fluorescence equipment (reflected-light illuminator FL HD motor)
  • Illuminator HXP 120 V
  • Microscopy camera Axiocam 503 color
  • Microscopy mid-range workstation Xeon Quad-Core multilingual
  • ZEN pro 2012 software