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KAUST's Core Laboratories and Major Facilities directly support the research mission of the University by providing state-of-the-art research facilities, training and expert services to the KAUST research community. With more than 135 staff scientists, engineers, specialists, technicians and administrators, the Core Labs function as a shared-user facility and play a key role in encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration through ease of access to major equipment and a consistent mode of operation.

Analytical Chemistry

The Analytical Chemistry Core Lab provides expert analytical services to the KAUST research community on a wide range of advanced analytical instruments. The 1000-square-meter facility includes a chromatography/mass spectroscopy lab, a trace metals analysis lab, a wet chemistry lab, a surface analysis lab and a molecular spectroscopy lab. ​

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The Bioscience Core Lab specializes in genomics, proteomics, FACS and high-throughput screening using state-of-the-art equipment and analysis. The lab enables researchers and industry partners to conduct next-generation genetic analysis and synthesis of cellular materials as well as protein identification and characterization. ​

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Coastal and Marine Resources

The Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab specializes in marine operations, oceanographic instrumentation and wet lab experimentation. It features equipment and manpower support for scientific cruises, field sampling, instrument operations, scientific diving, and other research needs in marine and coastal environments. This lab operates and maintains small boats and a research vessel for oceanographic research and modern wet lab facilities for aquarium experiments and aquatic simulations. ​

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Imaging and Characterization

The Imaging and Characterization Core Lab specializes in spectroscopy and microscopy for material and device research to learn about the structure and composition of samples. It includes facilities for electron microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, physical characterization, surface science and optical microscopy. The facility enables researchers to view samples at a scale ranging from millimeter to sub angstrom, providing a wide spectrum of imaging and characterization capabilities.​

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