Research Staff

Alejandro R. Prieto

Senior Research Specialist-Aquarist

Research Interests: ​Coral reef propagation & restoration, Coral reef organisms breeding, Aquariology, Reef aquaculture, Coral gardening, Marine conservation, Reef symbiosis, Plankton culture

Alex Kattan

​Research Specialist

Research Interests: Marine conservation, Coral reef ecology, Movement ecology, Climate Change, Marine protected areas, Citizen science

Aymere Awoke Assayie, Ph.D.

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Environment, Aquatic Ecology, Water quality, Limnology, Environmental Health, Water and Wastewater treatment, Ecosystem services, Marine ecology, Nature management, Biodiversity

Carolina Bocanegra Castano

​Laboratory Technician

Research Interests: Genomics, Molecular biology, NGS platform

Daria Vashunina

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Marine ecology, ​Marine microbiology

Doaa Baker

Research Staff

Research Interests: Marine ecology, Materials modeling, TOC, DOC

Federica Barreca

Laboratory Technician

Research Interests: Marine biodiversity, ​Coral reef, Coral systematics

Holger Anlauf, Ph.D.

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Coral reef ecology, Coral reef resilience and functioning in climate change, Coral restoration, Sexual coral reproduction, coral holobiont, Ridge to reef, Transition toward a sustainable Anthropocene

Ibrahim Alabdali

Marine Research Engineer

Joao Curdia, Ph.D.

​​Research Technician

Research Interests: Ecology, Zoology, Ecology of macrobenthic communities, Succession in ecology, Population dynamics of marine species, Data analysis of biological datasets, Diversity

Kaitlyn O'Toole

​Field Technician

Research Interests: Marine ecology, Benthic Ecology, Geospatial science, Climate Change, Restoration ecology

Lucia Mercedes Rodriguez Bravo

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Marine ecology, Global change biology, Climate Change, Marine introduced species, Phycology

Mazen Shafea

Research Technician

Research Interests: Marine ecology, Oceanography, Marine productivity, Marine pollution, Toxicology, Genetics, Marine biodiversity, Conservation

Miguel Viegas

Research Specialist

Mongi Ennasri

​Chemistry Research Technician

Research Interests: ​Marine chemistry, Environmental analysis

Mustapha Ouhssain

​Lab and Field Engineer

Research Interests: ​Biogeochemical cycles, Primary production, Phytoplankton pigments, Apparent and Inherent optical properties, Ocean color, Profiling floats, Gliders

Naira C. Pluma Guerrero

Field Research Technician

Research Interests: Marine conservation, Coral reef restoration, Coral reef ecology, Citizen science, Biodiversity, Marine ecology

Ricardo N. Alves, Ph.D.

​Research Specialist

Research Interests: Fish immune system, Fish endocrinology, UV-A and UV-B radiation, Environmental and anthropogenic stressors, Molecular biology, Transcriptomics, Aquaculture, Climate Change

Ronald Cadiz

Research Integration Analyst

Sarah Alsobegh

Biological Culture and Visualization Technician

Research Interests: Marine Algae, tissue culture, ​Marine bacteria, nano particles, Seed extract, Biodiversity, Ecosystem functions, Nutrient, Plankton

Subhasmita Ray

Laboratory Technician

Research Interests: Marine ecology, Corals, Molecular biology

Tatiana Gromova

​Laboratory Assistant

Ute Langner

​Geographic Information System Specialist

Research Interests: Spatial Modeling and Analysis, Scientific Visualization, Relational Database Management, GIS, Ecology

Vanita Dighe

Chemical Analyst Technician

Research Interests: Marine ecology, Environmental sample analysis, Bioanalytical analysis

Vijayalaxmi Dasari

​​​​​​​Laboratory Technician

Yahia Battach

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Big data, Data Science, Software engineering, Cloud Native, DevOps, Oceanography, Physical Oceanography