SEMINAR: Through the lens – and below the sea (a scientific diving slide show…)

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Abstract: "Through the lens – and below the sea (a scientific diving slide show…)"

In Germany, scientific divers might work under rather unfriendly conditions. The lakes are cold, the sea is murky, the weather can be appalling. Those challenges need to be met in order to make a dive journey safe and efficient. But once the divers are used to a standard equipment and never stop getting the right training for the next job, these methods can be applied to a wide range of dive operations, from seaweed sampling in tidal areas to ice diving and professional photo and video production.

Speaker: Uli Kunz (Instagram: @uli_kunz | Web:

Speaker bio:

Uli grew up close to the Black Forest where he started diving in dark and muddy freshwater lakes at the age of 14. He studied marine biology in Kiel and Sweden and now lives near the Baltic Sea, where the water is still cold and muddy. That’s probably a reason why he considers anything more than two meters “good visibility” and prefers diving in Arctic waters.

As a scientific diver and underwater photographer, he has carried out diverse underwater research projects. In Greenland, Uli dove under ice, looking for the strangest of sharks, in Norwegian fjords, he explored cold water coral reefs, in Mexico, he documented several cave-diving expeditions, exploring the underworld of the ancient Mayans, bringing to light human remains and pottery.

Besides his work for research institutions, he engages in marine conservation projects, searching and retrieving ghost nets for the WWF and gives talks in schools to teach students about global ocean change. And about good visibility.



Event Quick Information

13 Nov, 2022
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Building 2, Room 5220