RSRC Seminar: Radharani Sen

Talk Title: Detection of thermal and color fronts using remote sensing data and its preliminary results in the Red Sea.

Speaker: Radharani Sen

I am currently studying oceanic thermal fronts over the Red Sea, as these are important for a variety of reasons, including fishery productivity, ecosystems, and marine military operations. Due to the fact that fronts are primarily driven by physical displacements of surface waters, sea surface temperature (SST) is by far the most frequently used parameter for detecting fronts. My present line of inquiry is centered on answering the question, "How do submesoscale fronts structure pelagic ecosystems?". Using data from long-term remote sensing, I am conducting research on the connection that exists between the structure of temperature fronts at the sea surface and the ecology.

Zoom ID: 97718107004

Event Quick Information

07 Feb, 2023
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Building 2, Room 5220