RSRC Seminar: Dr. Charles Roe

Talk Title: Algae Biotechnology and Saudi Arabia's Aquaculture Industry

Speaker: Dr. Charles Roe | Founder and CTO, A1giSys

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Speaker Information: Charles Roe is Chief Technology Officer of AlgiSys, one of KAUST's deep tech startups. He is working with Professor Kyle Lauersen on algae for aquaculture yields and fish feed to meet Vision 2030 food security goals to increase from 100k to 600k tons of fish per year. This seminar will also touch upon taking research into industry.

** For BioScience, EnSE, Plant, and Marine programs, this seminar counts toward your seminar requirement and reporting. 

Event Quick Information

27 Feb, 2023
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Building 2, Room 5209