Prof. Duarte's TedTalk: "The unexpected underwater plant fighting climate change"

18 January, 2022

Once considered the ugly duckling of environmental conservation, seagrass is emerging as a powerful tool for climate action. From drawing down carbon to filtering plastic pollution, marine scientist Carlos M. Duarte details the incredible things this oceanic hero does for our planet -- and shows ingenious ways he and his team are protecting and rebuilding marine life.

I am here to unveil a new carbon capture technology, one out of sight and under-celebrated. Meet our unlikely climate champion: Seagrass! Seagrass are champions of carbon sequestration, responsible for about 1/3rd of the carbon annually accumulated in the seafloor, despite they occupy less than 0.1 % of the seafloor. These are no ordinary grasses! 

The TED talk by Distinguished Professor Carlos Duarte (Monterey, CA, official TED event, July 2021).