Brand: Perkin Elmer

Model: LS 55


The LS55 is a monochromator-based fluorescence spectrometer which uses a high energy pulsed xenon source for excitation. Xenon minimizes photobleaching of samples and provides a long-lived excitation source. The variable slit and holographic gratings provide flexibility with very low stray radiation.

Excitation and emission monochromators can be independently or synchronously scanned, while the Prescan mode is ideal for method development and locating excitation and emission maxima.

The system has FL WinLab™ software which seamlessly combines PerkinElmer's extensive application-specific knowledge and instrument control with the ease-of-use provided by the Windows® operating environment. Specific modes of instrument operation such as Scan, Time Drive, and Ratio Data Collection can be easily accessed from the application menu of the software.