Nicolas Oury

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

My research focuses on the study of the diversity of organisms (both genetically and morphologically) and its evolution with global changes. I am particularly interested in highlighting and describing cryptic diversity, both at the species (cryptic sister species) and the individual (chimerism and mosaicism) levels. For this purpose, I use approaches combining on the one hand molecular tools and population genetics/genomics and phylogeny analyses, and on the other hand, morphology, to answer species identification, species delimitation and molecular and evolutionary ecology questions, especially in marine organisms. 

Selected Publications

  • Disparate patterns of genetic divergence in three widespread corals across a pan-Pacific environmental gradient highlights species-specific adaptation trajectories.
    B.C.C. Hume, C.R. Voolstra, E. Armstrong, G. Mitushasi, B. Porro, N. Oury, S. Agostini, E. Boissin, J. Poulain, Q. Carradec, D.A. Paz-García, D. Zoccola, H. Magalon, C. Moulin, G. Bourdin, G. Iwankow, S. Romac, B. Banaigs, E. Boss, C. Bowler, C. de Vargas, E. Douville, M. Flores, P. Furla, P. Galand, E. Gilson, F. Lombard, S. Pesant, S. Reynaud, M.B. Sullivan, S. Sunagawa, O. Thomas, R. Troublé, R. Vega Thurber, P. Wincker, S. Planes, D. Allemand, D. Forcioli
    BioRxiv, (2022)

  • From genomics to integrative taxonomy? The case study of Pocillopora corals
    N. Oury, C. Noël, S. Mona, D. Aurelle, H. Magalon
    BioRxiv, (2022)

  • Species and population genomic differentiation in Pocillopora corals (Cnidaria, Hexacorallia)
    D. Aurelle, M. Pratlong, N. Oury, A. Haguenauer, P. Gélin, H. Magalon, M. Adjeroud, P. Romans, J. Vidal-Dupiol, M. Claereboudt, C. Noûs, L. Reynes, E. Toulza, F. Bonhomme, G. Mitta, P. Pontarotti
    Genetica, (2022)

  • Exploring the Pocillopora cryptic diversity: a new genetic lineage in the western Indian Ocean or remnants from an ancient one?
    N. Oury, P. Gélin, M. Rajaonarivelo, H. Magalon
    Marine Biodiversity, (2022)

  • High connectivity within restricted distribution range in Pocillopora corals
    N. Oury, P. Gélin, H. Magalon
    Journal of Biogeography, (2021)

  • Seascape genomics reveals candidate molecular targets of heat stress adaptation in three coral species
    O. Selmoni, G. Lecellier, H. Magalon, L. Vigliola, N. Oury, F. Benzoni, C. Peignon, S. Joost, V. Berteaux‐Lecellier
    Molecular Ecology, (2021)

  • In the intimacy of the darkness: Genetic polyandry in deep‐sea luminescent lanternsharks Etmopterus spinax and Etmopterus molleri (Squaliformes, Etmopteridae)
    L. Duchatelet, N. Oury N, J. Mallefet, H. Magalon
    Journal of Fish Biology, (2020)

  • Cryptic species and genetic connectivity among populations of the coral Pocillopora damicornis (Scleractinia) in the tropical southwestern Pacific
    N. Oury, P. Gélin, H. Magalon
    Marine Biology, (2020)

  • Together stronger: Intracolonial genetic variability occurrence in Pocillopora corals suggests potential benefits
    N. Oury, P. Gélin, H. Magalon
    Ecology and Evolution, (2020)

  • First study of asexual planulae in the coral Pocillopora damicornis type β SSH05c from the southwestern Indian Ocean.
    N. Oury, P. Gélin, L. Massé, H. Magalon
    Coral Reefs, (2019)


  • Ph.D., Marine Ecology, University of Reunion Island, Saint-Denis, La Réunion, France, 2022
  • M.Sc., Marine Ecology, University of Reunion Island, Saint-Denis, La Réunion, France, 2018
  • B. Sc., Marine Biology and Ecology, La Rochelle University, La Rochelle, France, 2016
  • Diploma of Marine Technician, Cnam-Intechmer, Cherbourg, France, 2015

Professional Profile

  • 2022-Present: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2021-2022: Temporary Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Reunion Island, Saint-Denis, La Réunion, France

KAUST Affiliations

  • RSRC - Red Sea Research Center 
  • BESE - Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division 

Research Interests Keywords

cryptic diversity evolutionary ecology genetic connectivity integrative taxonomy Metabarcoding Molecular Ecology population genetics/genomics Phylogeny scleractinian