Red Sea Biogeographic Information System (RBIS)

Marine studies, surveys, and observational activities are continuously generating new and diverse data, which are hard to keep track with tables and spreadsheets. Integrated data and information management systems that collect, analyze, and combine data are needed in order to maintain and provide a comprehensive picture of marine environments under study. The purpose of this project is to build up a computer-based information system with an easily accessible interface that is able to host and display research activities conducted in the Red Sea. For this reason, we started to develop the Red Sea Biogeographic Information System (RBIS) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a web application utilizing most updated Web 2.0 technologies. This database will be comprehensive and incorporate all of the oceanographic, meteorological and biological data from the Red Sea being collected at KAUST, including that from our GCR partner institutions. We plan to broaden the inclusion of data to the maximum extent possible, engaging with government agencies (PME, PERSGA, ROPME, etc.) and international organizations (IOC/UNESCO, WMO, etc.). The data will be accessible at KAUST and for our collaborators in the Kingdom and Region. The inclusion of a wide range of observations in a common, internationally accepted format, will greatly facilitate using these data to test and verify atmosphere, ocean and ecosystem models and simulations.