Prof. Michael Berumen has been appointed as Acting Director of the RSRC

29 November, 2020

News_2018_PMB​Professor Michael Berumen has been appointed as Acting Director of the KAUST Red Sea Research Center effective April 1, 2018.

Dr. Berumen joined KAUST in 2009 and leads the Reef Ecology Lab in the Red Sea Research Center. He has authored more than 180 journal articles on research focusing on a range of coral reef taxa, and he has extensive field experience on coral reefs around the world. In addition to work throughout Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Red Sea, he is also a participant in active projects the Indian and Pacific Oceans, including Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia, Australia, New Caledonia and others.



Dr. Berumen received his doctoral degree in Marine Biology from James Cook University, Australia. He earned his Bachelor degree in Zoology at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Berumen’s expertise and research interests are in coral reef ecology, including larval connectivity in coral reef fishes, movement ecology of coral reef organisms, biogeography and the impact of climate change on coral reef ecosystems. All of these are essential in preserving the ecosystem of the Red Sea, and under his leadership and with Dr. Christian Voolstra, who will continue as Associate Director at the Center, the KAUST Red Sea Research Center will continue to excel in the areas of evolutionary biology and coral reef research while helping the Kingdom expand its vision of eco-tourism in the region. They will work closely with Professor Burton Jones, who directs the Saudi Aramco-KAUST Center for Marine Environmental Observations, to enhance KAUST’s efforts towards sustainable development in the Kingdom.